Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Creator Of ‘El Chavo Del Ocho,’ Dies at 85

Growing up, we all watched the show “El Chavo del 8.” I still remember being in the bedroom with my mom, my middle sister, and my dad watching this on the weekends. We had a small tv, and we’d all be in there just hanging out. “Siganme los buenos.” I used to enjoy the show, and so did many others the world round.

I won’t lie and say that I was following the career of Chespirito, or that I know anything about him, other than simply having watched him on tv as a kid. But even so, I still feel a sadness, slowly but surely all of the people I grew up loving, watching, or listening to are dying off. This is a grim reminder of how unforgiving time and life can be. No one is immune.

Rest in peace Chespirito, give my dad a hug for me, he was a fan.

Here are a few really touching pictures I found of Chespirito.






chespirito death

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