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When I buy and review a product on amazon, I try to be really fair. When I reviewed this gi I gave them 3 stars because I actually like the product. I think that the style is super cool, I love the colors and it fit really nicely.

The one problem for me was that shoulders and upper back were way too tight. I got an A3 in size and that was a huge no go. This gi is very form fitting and it seems like it was designed for a skinny guy on top. This isn’t really for someone like me who happens to be slightly muscular up top.

The best way I can describe the fit is that it felt like a suit jacket on me. Does that make sense? I didn’t quite have the range of motion on my arms and it felt uncomfortable on my lats and delts. I wondered if I should give it a go, but taking into consideration that it may shrink some after the first wash, and it felt tight there already, it could only get worse.

I sent it back and promptly got a refund from amazon. I’m debating trying it in an A4 in the future because I really love how it looks and fit otherwise. At this point, I have 4 gis and don’t really need it unless I start training more. But if the time comes I’ll get an A4 of the same, hopefully that will work for my broader shoulders.

I think this gi is dope, but if you are beefy like me, get a size higher than usual to account for the tapered fit as well as shrinking.

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