Elvis riding the subway?

As I refilled my metrocard this morning, I heard a man repeatedly asking “Can someone please give me a swipe to get to the city?” So I looked in his direction since he said “I’m Elvis Presley, come on. Someone please help a fallen legend out.” I chuckled, I recognized this guy, he’s the Elvis Presley looking guy that I see him walking around Kew Gardens all the time. We made eye contact and I gestured that I’d swipe him in.

I swiped, he looked at me and said thank you, then he walked away. I thought to myself that this guy appears to be in decent condition. I started asking myself if this guy is just going through life trying to get a free ride? Does he really need help or does he perhaps have more money than I do? Did I just let myself get hustled in NYC again! Haha. How can I run a successful NYC themed site when I keep falling victim to the hustlers out here? Dammit!

Sometime ago, one of my good friends, Charlie Scott, said to me “Angel, you have a big heart. That is a blessing and a curse.” I can’t help but agree with him, especially when I get hustled out of a metro card swipe, or a slice of pizza! Deep down inside though, I really hope that I’ve made someone’s life a little better. I guess I have to put my headphones a bit louder when I hit these danger zones.

Have a great Valentine’s day! One of the biggest hustles of all! LOL. We all know it, but we don’t have much choice but to go with it do we?

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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