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Here is my view when it comes to pizza, it is “normal,” which means it doesn’t suck, but it is not outstanding. It is terrible, and you have to work really hard to make pizza terrible. Or it is amazing, a business like the Neapolitan Express pizza truck for instance would qualify as amazing.

Empire Pizza was normal. There was nothing amazing or terrible about it. It was just a place that was there on my way to the train station last night after a music event which I attended. I was hungry, it was there. Simple mathematics. LOL.

So yes, the pizza was acceptable. However, when I walked in, as well as several other patrons, we were not greeted or acknowledged by any of the staff. I don’t know, but that kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I know you are busy working, but you could say “Welcome guys, I’ll be with you in a moment.” Or simply nod and acknowledge us. I really didn’t like the silent treatment we received, and it kind of ruined the experience for me. Well, it didn’t ruin my pizza eating moment, I mean, seriously. However, it did rub me the wrong way that though I was trying to greet the guy, he didn’t give me an opening to do so, nor did he greet me or any of the other people. Just rude.

Again, when all you have is normal pizza, the experience could elevate the customer’s perception of your business and take it to another level. I wrote a tip for them on Swarm about that, hopefully they read it and learn from it. Service can make the difference between a person loving you, or simply not caring for you.

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