How an engagement really happens!

(This is a post from my old blog, which is now my music website. This engagement happened today, back in 2009, at Bayside Marina. Take a trip with us down memory lane. Maybe you’ll learn a trick or two. I will post the entry as it was written, no editing.)

Yes, in case you have not heard, I officially proposed to Christine! The magical date was Sunday, May 24th, 2009, approximately around 5pm or so.


What will follow before is my account of how things happened. So this long weekend like any other was due to have me and kitty spend time together. On friday and saturday I had events, so I didn’t see my cat until sunday afternoon. However, this all complimented the plan. Too much attention or caution and she may have been tipped off. So my being occupied 2 nights provided a nice, normal type of atmosphere. As a matter of fact, I’d not gone out in ages, so this probably made it even more unlikely that she’d suspect anything. Because I was doing something other than just oogling over her.


Now for weeks I’ve been pushing and talking about going to a park, or just partaking in the summer activities NYC has to offer. So selling the boat ride at the “Bayside Marina” was pretty easy, and again aroused no suspicion. It was a nice sunny day on a long weekend, why not do something fun like going on a nice boat ride.

We took the walk from kitty’s place down to the Bay. On the way we enjoyed admiring the beautiful houses on “the gables” and talked about our need to win the lotto.


Once we got there we made the necessary arrangements to rent a skiff, and then we headed towards our boat. But not before we both had to pee.. LOL.



I received a tutorial from the young man running the area on how to operate the skiff, we then helped kitty onto the skiff and we took off into the sunset. Lol. Not really, we are only allowed to ride the boat in a very limited area, so we basically went in circles, docked and floated from time to time, then went in more circles. Lol..


Now my plan was to propose on the boat, but it wasn’t up to par, kind of dirty, not what I expected at all. Also when we were stationary we kept drifting out of the allowed area and I had to return us back to the allowed area. At one point we drifted so far out without realizing it, some boat owner thought we were in trouble and asked if we needed help. His dog apparently didn’t care though, and he was trying to leap out of his boat barking and making to attack us. So I guided the skiff away from the crazy killer dog. And tried to find another moment.

So here we are, just chatting, me doing a hell of an acting job trying to appear as normal whilst I’m trying to figure out how to make this happen. Hmmm, what’s that? Dark heavy clouds, strong wind, oops, sprinkles, the storm is coming, metal boat, time to move! Yeah, proposing on the boat was not working out. I say we return this baby, reset, recover, and come up with a contingency plan.

I nicely returned and parked the skiff, helped my cat off, we roped the skiff and headed away from the water. We handled the details in so far as my paying, and Id’s , etc. Then we started our walk back towards kitty’s house.


It was already sprinkling, then I saw “it” while we walked back. The “bridge”, its really an overpass to go over the highway, but the path makes a nice bridge. It was shadowed with trees, and leaf cover. Perfect spot. But there was a shorter way for us to go over the bridge, so I needed an excuse to drag her to the spot.

“Oh babe, what is this, a running path, let’s walk it a bit so I can examine the terrain, maybe I’ll run it someday. And guess where that left us near. So we head for the bridge, and it starts to rain harder, she hits me and beats me for taking the detour causing us to get caught in the rain. So I say let’s hide under this tree’s leaves, we’ll wait out the rain. And I hugged her and told her I’d keep her dry with my buffness and beefy muscular body. Lol. Again she “hit” me for getting us caught in the rain.

So whilst I held her I started fishing without detection for the ring. I made to adjust my sneakers, looked up at my beautiful glowing, misty kitty and asked “kitty marry doggy?” She said what are you doing honey, not yet having seen the ring, nor registering that I was in fact on one knee “kitty marry doggy?” I asked again.

Eyes glow, smiles, and she said yes. I slid the ring on her finger, rose to her smile, I kissed and held her. I told her I love her, and that I will always love her. She wiped tears, (though not many, lol) she told me she already cried when she found out I planned to marry her, so she didn’t have many tears now. Lol.. I smiled and said I don’t need tears, just her love. And I hugged her again…

We hung out under the spot for a few minutes enjoying our first moments as engaged folks, cuddling, kissing, and smiling big. Then the rain stopped. We posed for a picture, the first picture of the evening where she actually knew I was planning and documenting everything all along.. Sadly because of the rain I couldn’t take more pictures, but still, I think I got the meat of it.. LOL…

Here are our first pictures ever as an engaged couple.. Doggy and Kitty.. 🙂



Here is a pic kitty put on her facebook profile..


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