This isn’t Europe! Put away your junk!

So today as I soaked in the Jacuzzi after a hard training session, some guy from France or something thought that it would be cool to come into the unisex area and bear it all. I said, “pardon me, sir, but this area is coed and requires proper attire, please.” I pointed to the sign, and he said, “Do you work here? We are all adults” and he raised his eyebrow at me as if to say f you. Once again, I reiterated that this was a coed area and that none of us want to see his junk.

Ass naked and all this guy says, “Americans are so uptight when it comes to nudity.” I started to get annoyed with this guy’s smug attitude, so I decided to stop talking, and I walked away to drink some water. I guess he thought I went to report him because when I came back he was covered up. He eyeballed me for a few moments, and because I didn’t want to get up and kick him in the nuts I said, “Thank you for covering up.”

Look people, I don’t care if you want to be naked, that’s your choice. Thing is that coed areas which specifically state that you must wear appropriate attire create a certain expectation for me. You know what I am saying? My expectations are that people there will be dressed, and it doesn’t involve hanging peens, and nasty ass cheeks!

If I go into a place that is designed for nudity, then I go there expecting to see nasty asses and nut sacks! For instance, the steam room at this gym is like that. Only men, and they are all walking around naked. Since I am not a fan of naked men, I stay the hell out of there. However, I expect you voyeurs to respect the space of those that wish to remain clothed!

It’s simple, there is a time and place for everything, including flashing your ass and sack, but the coed sauna and hot tub are not the place. Just saying, put your clothes on bro!

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez


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