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evian: The Amazing Baby & Me


evian: The Amazing Baby & Me

Remember when you were a kid? The majority of us looked forward to growing up and becoming adults. Some of us would shave our faces when there was only peach fuzz. Then as we actually started becoming older, we begin to freak out! We panic and frantically search for that fountain of youth! We seek out products to fight the wrinkles that are forming on our faces! We work out for hours at a time to fight the bulge that is building up in our mid sections. Some people that have the financial means, and are foolish enough to try, even take very extreme, and not so safe steps to keep that youthful appearance!

However, there is an often overlooked, very basic step that you can take! It’s extremely simple, safe, and it can aid you in the quest to stay healthy! What is it you ask? Well, drinking water! Hello! Our bodies are made up primarily of water; therefore, it stands to good reason that a person who stays hydrated with high-quality water will have a healthier body and physical appearance.

Our friends at Evian water want to help you with that! So let’s talk about that!

I don’t know about you guys, but I was a teen in the 90s. Back then Ini Kamoze was pretty popular, his signature song “Hot Stepper” blew up the charts! I’m a nerd, so while confirming that this song was, in fact, out in the 90s, I discovered a fun little fact! Did you know that the song “hot stepper” has roots from Wilson Pickett’s “Land of 1000 Dances?” See I didn’t know that, but I know it now.

In any case, I digress; Evian wants to let you know that hydrating with pure water is rejuvenating, and much more effective that botox in making you feel young and alive! What better way to illustrate this, than Spider Man, and his mini baby reflection getting down to a remix of the aforementioned song? We all know that Spider Man is a good guy, not a “hot stepper,” but he sure can get down! And don’t you sleep on that mini spider baby either! Check this out!

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