Ex Crooked Cop, Jason Arbeeny Living The Good Life

If you perform a search for Jason Arbeeny, you’ll only find stories going back to about 2012, and nothing new since then. That’s always the case though, men like him, they commit crimes, they get a slap on the wrist, and life goes on. Regardless of what they’ve done, who they’ve hurt, or how many other lives they themselves have ruined. Ex Crooked Cop, Jason Arbeeny is living the good life.

Some years ago, Jason Arbeeny was on trial for planting drugs on a couple, as well as falsifying evidence in order to make other arrests stick. The dude was as crooked a cop as they come. But what does that really mean in this case? Let’s take a moment and think about this, okay?

This is a human being, who thought out, carried out, and continued to go forward with a lie, the kind of lie that takes away the livelihood, freedom, and reputation of another human being. Do you get that? He knowingly planted evidence that could take away a man and woman’s freedom. He falsified documents to ensure arrests stood. This guy, knowing that human beings were innocent, went ahead and took steps to lock them up like animals. Knowing full well, knowing, that they were innocent.

They call this act flaking in the judicial system, and crooked cops allegedly do it because they have to meet quotas. It is such a common thing, that it has a damn nickname, flaking! Okay, are we clear on that? This man, made the conscious decision to ruin someone’s life.

What kind of a human being can do that to another person? I’m not a saint folks, I’ve done wrong things in my life, but the worst thing I can be blamed for breaking is a heart. This man may have broken homes, lives, and worst of all, cost someone their freedom, when that person knew, they knew, that they were innocent. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine having to go to jail, prison, or even spend one second in handcuffs when you know that you were not carrying any drugs? How terrible would it feel to have this man arrest you, knowing that he was lying and setting you up?

It is documented that he was crying at his trial, begging the judge to please not send him to jail. He spoke about how his oath, pride, and all that bull crap had gone out the window. He continued the shower works by stating that his son was suicidal over his father’s fate. Now, when it comes to the kids, they are innocents, and this may or may not be true, but I find it rather coincidental that the suicide threat was based on the father’s trial outcome. But, even so, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one. I’d still not have forgone jail time, I’d just have treated the kid more cautiously.

This judge though, like many before, and many since, decided that he was moved by these crocodile tears, and gave the guy probation and community service for his crimes. Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Gustin Reichbach took mercy on him, and pretty much let him off the hook on this one. I think the judge is as much to blame for this outcome as the criminal himself is.

So many innocent men and women have gone to prison, for much longer, for way lesser crimes, with little to no evidence. Some which were probably setup, especially marginalized people like the ones this man was targeting with this “war on drugs.” In case I’m not being clear, I’m talking about minorities, you know, blacks, latinos, etc? The real victims of the “war on drugs.” Our tears mean nothing in court. Breaking up our families means nothing. Leaving our children to the streets, nothing. But this man, a crooked cop, with all the evidence one needs to convict, who was looking at up to four years in prison, he gets off with a slap on the wrist. He had on the right uniform, and the complexion for the protection.

Judging by his public Facebook profile, the guy is living the good life. He doesn’t appear to be hurting, nor does his family. And yes, I blocked out the family because I have always maintained that you can’t blame a family for loving and caring for their own loved ones. In my eyes, they are not the ones to blame for his acts against mankind, as such, I’d leave them out of it.

Oh, and not that it’s either here nor there, he’s a Trump supporter. Isn’t it ironic how he appears to be against corruption?

Final note: Should I disappear, get accused of a drug crime, or come to an untimely end, please investigate this guy’s calls, phones, emails, etc. He may still have friends inside who might try to plant drugs on me. I do not use, sell, or otherwise have any involvement in drugs, or any form of criminal enterprise. If they find a way to get me, I was probably set up!

The New York Daily News is one of the outlets that covered this story back in 2012. The NYTimes also did a piece on it.


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