Extinction Review

I watched this film last night. The first thing I thought when I saw the previews was “Hey, it’s the dude from Ant Man.” LOL. There are some guys that we know as “that guy,” a few of those actors exist and Michael Pena is one of them. Maybe he’ll change that though.

I thought the movie overall was fairly entertaining. Without putting in any spoilers, I’ll say that its worth a watch, there is some pretty nutty stuff that happens along the way that will make you say, “Holy crap.”

The lady and I found ourselves screaming at the tv several times. They have two kids, and the kids, as is often the case in cinematography are for the lack of better words, fucking idiots. Both of them had their own brand of stupid, but the younger one, she takes the cake. I mean, they pissed me off. At one point I was just going to drop the film because of how pissed off I got.

That aggravation aside though, I’d say the film was worth watching and pretty decent.

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