Eye Of The Beholder

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think this is 100% true. Sometimes I wonder what leads us to “prefer” a specific look, or a certain “type.” It varies of course. If you grow up eating arroz con habichuelas, odds are that you are going to prefer rice and beans over lo mein. That’s sort of how it goes with food, but what about attraction? How does one form a preference in terms of attraction?

I don’t recall ever choosing to be attracted to women. I just simply was. I can appreciate women from all parts of the world, I appreciate all beauty. However, I tend to have a preference in whom I like most, as pretty much all of us do.

In my youth, I’m talking kindergarten, first grade, and so on, I cannot remember “liking” any one. I don’t think I was in that frame of mind just yet. Then I came across a certain individual, and though I believe I asked her to be my “girlfriend” and that she said “yes,” I cannot entirely prove this, cause frankly, I can’t remember a damn thing. I do know that whenever I came across this person in a picture, or my thoughts, I always thought of her as one of if not my “first” girlfriend. I don’t believe I fabricated this, but hey, who knows?

Anyway, I think that this being my first real identifiable crush, she became the standard of beauty for me. Long, flowing, beautiful dark hair, a big, shiny, beautiful smile, high cheek bones, and mesmerizing dark eyes. This may sound bizarre, but I’m only now becoming aware of how much she may have actually carried over into my “taste” in women.

I think that as humans, we tend to form these preferences at a young age, and those are very hard to deny or change. They stay with us as we are creatures of habit. Examining this, I feel like I may have found the source of it all. Maybe? Meh.. I know I’m a dramatic kind of guy. What can I say? I’m a poet, I write, I express and speak my truths. Sometimes it is weird to others, but this is what we do, we put it out into the universe.

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so behold, to these eyes, beauty is you.

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