Facebook for iphone gets major update! Much faster app.

The Facebook has updated their iPhone app. According to reports the new version of the application will load news feeds and pictures up to 2 times faster than the current one. Due to technical reasons that I won’t be getting into here, the application code executes much faster. I have already updated and tested the application, the speed difference is definitely noticeable, the new version is actually much, much faster.

Anyone that follows my Facebook, twitter and google plus feeds knows that I am constantly ranting and complaining about the speed of the Facebook iphone application. I’m not the only one, just yesterday I read a post by one of my buddies that he removed the app and went to the web version. Many prefer to use the web based version of the app as it functions better than the last iPhone app.

This is a major advancement for Facebook mobile, I look forward to a happier social media experience! Have you updated your application, and if so, what do you think?