Facebook page calling for murder of Kendall Jones allowed.

As a man that doesn’t support the random killing of young ladies, I decided that the “KillKendall Jones” page should be removed from Facebook. I’ve had something as simple as apicture of my gun removed, and Kendall had her pictures removed, so you would expect that continuing with these communist censoring methods, Facebook would also pull a page that calls for her death. I mean, regardless of how you feel about hunting, clearly calling for the murder of a human being is wrong. This has to be in violation of the Facebook community standards.

WRONG! This is the response I received from Facebook to my report. This page will not be removed. Now, ladies and gentleman, if there was any question as to what Facebook’s stance in these types of issues is, then it should now be clear. Facebook serves it’s purpose, I use it, as do most of my friends and family. However, taking sides like this is wrong, and allowing a page that calls for murder is highly irresponsible. I say we sue the living daylights out of Facebook if anything happens to this young lady.




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