Facebook Suicide Attacks And A United Vote!

There are times when a Facebook user appears to be on a suicide mission of sorts. Asactivists in the political realm, there is no question that we will butt heads with friends and family who may not necessarily agree with our points of view. This is all too common when it comes to individuals like our boss, Wayne Dupree, and myself. Neither of us fits the current typical profile of a “conservative.” Black and Latino conservative? I have covered this topic in the past. However, are we the only ones exposed to this kind of abuse?

Recently a friend of mine, a liberal Jew, was attacked by a fellow black liberal. The reason for the attack? Well, nothing more than his light skin color. This is another topic that has been beaten to death, white privilege. I have also covered how there was infighting between conservatives in the past. The same happens with liberals, though the difference with them is that no matter what, they will always unite against us. Where our people on the other hand will simply not support a candidate. Romney is a perfect example, not all conservatives voted for him, but all liberals voted for Obama. Even though many wanted Killary. Better think about that now, as Hillary is making more and more moves towards the White House out there. Do you want that wench to be your president?

Back to the topic at hand though, my liberal friend was told that he would never know the struggle of a black man. Wait a second, that sounds very familiar to me! Haven’t I heard that before? The man then proceeded to deny the fact that the holocaust ever happened. All the while continuing an all out assault on the character and integrity of this good man, based solely on the color of his skin. He even stated, “Why don’t you go ahead and unfriend me!”

This was a Facebook suicide attack if I’ve ever seen one, one where the perpetrator wanted to say as much negativity and do as much damage as possible before being unfriended. He not only wanted to get unfriended, he wanted to go out with a bang.

This gentleman and I, the victim of the attack, have political views that couldn’t possibly be further apart, yet we are alike in so many other ways. Our backgrounds, our love for music, and we respect one another as individuals, despite our strong political differences. Though we will never see eye to eye on a topic such as gun rights, we maintain a friendship. But even though he and that nut job are no longer in touch, and we are still friends, when it comes time to go the voting booth they will both vote Democrat! Despite their personal differences, they will be aligned politically. Despite our friendship, I will vote conservative, and therein lies the key to Killary Clinton’s victory in 2016.

The Democrats will always stick together for the big picture, isn’t it about time that we took a page out of our foe’s book? They’ve stolen everything we have ever done for blacks, minorities, our history, and the country as a whole! The least we can do is return the favor, while in the process returning American values to the White house!

Aren’t you sick of the insanity from this administration? If you are, you better step up, Killary CAN WIN if we don’t unite and get to voting! The question is, are you going to let that happen? Will you let another nut job, far left-wing democrat take the White House again? If you do, don’t whine about it, and accept your role in the further destruction of the United States of America.

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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