Help! I’ve fallen, asleep, and I can’t wake up!

I don’t know about you guys, but I have a lot of trouble waking up in the morning. Currently I’m working the early shift which means that I am at the office at 6:30am, and I am NOT a morning person. Go figure. Anyway, for a guy that can’t wake up early, this is clearly a challenge. In addition to this, I often get migraine headaches and take very strong medication when that happens! If you don’t know, these meds knock you the hell out! You could drop a nuclear bomb around me and I’ll probably continue sleeping.

Enter the morning! How do you wake up, to wake up I use an iphone alarm. The problem with that is that sometimes in my sleep I’ll turn over and literally shut the damn thing off. I won’t even be aware that I am doing it. Once I do that, until I naturally wake up, I’m done! Zzzzzzzz…. Lights out!

I recently discovered a new trick to make this work though. The iphone gives you the ability to put multiple alarms on it at the same time. What I have done is added 5 alarms a few minutes apart, the last time I was really exhausted it took about 3 of them before I realized that I was continually turning it off  in my sleep. I gained consciousness by the 3rd alarm and woke up in time for work! This trick has proven extremely useful and I recommend that you try it if you find that you unconsciously turn off your alarm in your sleep!

Chip in, what tricks can you share with us that you use to make sure you wake up in the morning?

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