Father Chops Of Baby Rapist's Hands

A father became angry with the system in India, took the law into his own hands and chopped of his 7 month old baby daughter’s rapist’s hands!

So the story says that this teenager was caught raping his 7 month old daughter by the mother, but a judge would not convict him citing a lack of evidence. That’s when he decided to take the law into his own hands.

He pretended that he would accept financial compensation, and was willing to forgive the teenager. He even offered him a ride back to the village. Clearly this 17 year old isnt’ the sharpest tool in the shed. First of all, he allegedly raped a man’s 7 month old baby, and then accepted a ride from that man? Not smart at all.

So halfway through the trip, the father stops his bike, attacks the teen, somehow ties him to a tree, and cuts off his hands. Now, I was going to say that he is a kinder man than some others, because many would probably chop off something else as well. After the attack, he reportedly left the scene, and some locals found the teenager screaming for help.

He is currently in critical condition at a hospital, and the father is on the run from police. What would you have done in this situation? Do you agree with his actions, or would you have accepted the court’s ruling? Should he be punished for his actions?

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