She has fifteen kids, and thinks that we are responsible for them

Angel Adams (bringing shame to my name) has fifteen kids. In this news story you hear her complaining about the government agencies that are trying to HELP her. If you continue listening you’ll then see and hear her point towards all her kids and say “Someone needs to pay for all my children! Somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay for all of this.”

Yes you silly woman, YOU are responsible, and you should pay. The father of the kids, he should pay. Oh, he’s in prison? Right. So how the hell does your inability to practice safe sex, use protection and common become society’s problem? Why the hell should any of use pay for anything, absolutely one red cent for you?

I have one son, and I struggle to provide him with everything that he needs. Not only clothing, food, but education, love, and all that a child needs. I have the good sense to not have fifteen kids that I cannot afford. Yet you feel that it’s ok, and that “somebody” other than yourself has to be held accountable?


I feel terrible for all these children that were born to this pathetic excuse of a human being. Seriously, I feel for the kids, they are not at fault. However, her attitude, this mentality that someone has to be held accountable, that is absolutely insane.

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