First day of Spring?

So allegedly, today is the first day of Spring. You probably can’t tell due to the cold weather, the ice on the street, and the still present remnants of winter’s snow. But yeah, allegedly, it’s here.

Soon the allergies will start full blast. People will get runny noses, start sneezing, and you’ll see the “allergy season is here” commercials.

Muscle and otherwise fit  (and not so fit) dudes will start to wear their muscle shirts, and the lovely ladies too will start to flaunt their legs in shorts and skirts. Spring madness will be in the air after a long cold winter! I don’t know about you folks, but I start to lose my mind when I see the sexy outfits after many months of heavy coats!

Then you’ll have that other bunch, the last minute panickers who will begin to flood the gym to start “getting ready” for summer. They will undertake an impossible task that they will once again be unable to accomplish. Trust me, I know, I’ve been there many times! This task was something that they should have already started and been ongoing throughout the whole year. Sorry folks, but unless you are genetically gifted, or not that far off, it ain’t happening!

Yes folks, it’s the first day of spring!

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