Flex spending changes?

Today my wife told me that her flex spending benefits have changed. Whereas before one would be able to buy over the counter items such aspirin, cough meds, and the sort, it appears that fraud, waste and abuse have changed that.

Items purchased using flex spending benefits ranged from soda to Doritos by some.  Not sure how they pulled that off, but it appears they have. Here we have a potential situation where the actions of a few may affect the circumstances of the others that are doing the right things. I suppose that it is easier to simply blanket everyone as opposed to zeroing in on the individuals.

I don’t have all the details on this, if it applies to her company only, federally controlled, etc, but I thought I’d share the topic in the event it is more widespread. Again I’m not sure if these changes are all across the board, but if you are using flex spending, you may want to look into this before finding yourself in an awkward situation while trying to purchase that bag of Doritos. I’d recommend checking with your HR department and or your local company benefits rep.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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Mike Böcchinfusö
7 years ago

oh, great. they already started restricting them when Obamacare was passed. more?!

Angel Rodriguez
7 years ago

So it would seem…… Mike…..

Mike Böcchinfusö
7 years ago

freakin hell.

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