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Foodies: Luce Restaurant & Enoteca


Foodies: Luce Restaurant & Enoteca

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You know, there was a time that if you tried to get me to eat mushrooms, I’d probably drop kick you! Just putting that out there!

Today, my friends from Project Enye invited me to meet up at a bar. I was hungry, and suggested a change of location. They approved and we moved on.

Enter the mushrooms.

We came to Luce, and were considering starting with some mussels, but then the mushrooms came up. I am still slightly biased against mushrooms, I ain’t gonna lie to you. Though truth be told, over time I have come to appreciate them. However, due to the years of “not liking them,” I still pause when it’s brought up as a food item.

Well, it would appear that once again my food prejudices are way of the mark. We tried the seasonal mushrooms dish which was sautéed in garlic, oil, arugula, and it had some cherry tomatoes topped with mozzarella. Oh man this dish had a fantastic flavor profile! It was so good! Hmm. I think the Enye crew also approved as well!

Denise Soler Cox and Angel Rodriguez at Luce

Denise Soler Cox and Angel Rodriguez at Luce

I used to think that biting into a mushroom felt weird, it had a strange texture to me. Meh, go figure. But the mushrooms we ate today, they were soft, no weird texture, and oh so delicious.

In the old days I’d drop kick you, today I’m recommending them! What is the world coming to?

For the main dish I went with the Red Snapper Filet, almond crusted, sautéed with white wine, lemon, served with sautéed vegetables. If the mushrooms were good, the Red Snapper was even better! When they first brought it out, I was a bit worried because it looked extremely drenched in sauce, and I was expecting maybe grilled or something. But once again my worries were unfounded, this was an amazing dish. It was tender, tasted delicious, and really satisfied my palette.

Sorry Denise, next time you gotta move faster if you want to try my food. I eat fast! Thank you and your crew for the great invitation and the great company!

We sat outside, and the seating and ambiance was very comfortable and great for us to get to know each other. The service was outstanding and I think I speak for all of us when I say that this was a great dinner.

Great meeting you guys!

Luce Restaurant & EnotecaLuce Restaurant & Enoteca



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