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I don’t travel to the Lower East Side too often. However, I recently went down there¬†with my wife to attend the Loisaida Festival. We wanted to try out Adela’s, but it was going to be very busy because of the festival, and we had scheduled with a group of friends to come out the following week. An outing which ended up being cancelled. Grrr! It’s always a pain planning events with people, I’ll be going by myself soon!

My wife wanted to go to Sobaya, so we came here. The place was very busy and there was a short wait, nothing out of the ordinary. We were shortly thereafter offered a seat at the sushi bar if we wanted it. Both of us were hungry, so we went for it!

This spot is more a ramen themed place so I couldn’t find any rolls. I had to adjust my selections accordingly. We decided to start with an appetizer, the cod fish. Oh man, the cod fish was so tender! So deliciously tasty, it came out very hot as if right off the pan which added to the overall deliciousness of the dish. Not to mention, once again, how very soft and tender it was! It literally melted in our mouths. Both of us were in awe at this cod fish. Hmmm.

NYCTalking Sobaya cod fish

My wife’s main dish was garlic rice with tuna steak. She advised me to get the same dish as her, but for sharing and “trying different items” purposes I didn’t. This was a decision that I would go on to regret, her garlic rice was absolutely delicious. The tuna steak, boom, another winner, absolutely delicious. It wasn’t raw tuna, it was slightly cooked, but just a touch. Her dish was way better than mine.

NYCTalking Sobaya garlic rice tuna steak

As I mentioned, I wanted us to try different dishes so I went with the rice and tuna sashimi. This one was just okay, at best. To be honest, the rice was fairly bland as was the tuna. It didn’t have that amazing garlic rice taste. My wife’s dish was much, much better.

NYCTalking Sobaya tuna rice

For dessert we had a few ice cream scoops. Nom nom nom. Love me some ice cream any day of the week!

NYCTalking Sobaya dessert

The service here was very good,  our server was attentive and friendly. He answered any questions, and kept our water glasses filled.

Overall I definitely recommend trying out this restaurant, but heed my words, my wife’s dish was better, so choose that one!



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