Forced abortions in China.

NYCTalking has learned of another case in China where a baby was forcefully aborted from a woman. This lady happened to be 7 months into her pregnancy.

The Chinese woman was asked to pay a fine, however when she did/could not pay the fine she was taken forcibly into a van and driven to a secret location where the abortion was performed. Ultimately she ended up back in her bed with her aborted baby beside her. It is not clear at this time whether the baby was dead or alive with her.

Forced abortions are nothing new in China, in some cases the mother has lost her life during this process.  Business as usual for these folks. This practice is utterly disgusting.

Though slightly in a different way, India is also one of the biggest offenders when it comes to this type of radical behavior. Recently we had heavy dialogue on our social network boards about a woman in India which strangled 6 of her babies after giving birth and discovering they were girls. The crazy part is that she did it herself and she spoke about it in a humorous manner, as though it’s something funny. One of my coworkers, temporarily visiting the U.S from India stated to me casually that this happens a lot in India.

A stand up comedian made a joke about this topic once, though in reality this is no laughing matter. He stated “If they only want boys in these countries, don’t be surprised when some turn out to be gay or when they cross into other cultures! You wanna know why? Cause you people ain’t giving them no vaginas, no women”.

We as Americans cannot force our ways on other countries, I understand and can appreciate that, however we can all agree that killing babies after they are born is terribly wrong. Rather than killing women and babies, if the Chinese government is so intent on making sure that only one child is born, why don’t they after birth provide a IUD or something to prevent further pregnancy? By the way, I say IUD because it can be undone, as opposed to a vasectomy. However killing a baby that is almost born, against the mother’s will is absolutely horrible. I simply cannot believe anyone would do this.

As for the Indian woman killing her female babies, let’s just say I hope she gets what she deserves one day.

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