Foreign Film: I saw the devil – Starring: Lee Byung‑hun

This review may read like it was all over the place, that’s cause it was. I was annoyed, pacing back and forth as I dictated it into Dragon dictation. So most of it didn’t make a lot of sense when I was editing it, I tried to make some sense though. But whatevs yo. LOL. Okay, so the first thing I’ll say about this movie is that it has Lee Byung-hun! Oh yeah, Korean studs! Wait, who the hell is that you may ask? Well so did I until I googled him. He’s the Asian guy from “G.I Joe,” Snake Eyes I believe his name was? He was also in “Red 2” with Bruce Willis. This is definitely a Korean actor to keep an eye on.

Moving along. I am an emotional moviegoer; I’m one of those people that watches a movie and really gets into it. So when bad things happen in a movie, I become upset in real life, and it bothers me. I just watched a Korean film called “I saw the devil” and it involved some Korean psycho killer who went around torturing and killing women.

At one point, he ends up killing a secret agent’s pregnant fiancé. The agent vows to find him and make him pay for his crimes! Eventually, the agent finds out who it is, and he captures and starts to torture him. He then releases him and starts to track him. He then catches him again, tortures him some more, then throws him back into the wild. His way of getting revenge is tormenting him, but he doesn’t kill him; he keeps letting him go then catches him again when he’s about to commit another crime. This is what pissed me off; this psycho continues to commit crimes every time he gets “released.” Every time he catches him in the middle of a crime, he tortures him again, then releases him again. On and on it goes. It drove me crazy, and I knew it was a huge mistake to play this game; I knew he would regret it.

Long story short the freaking criminal ends up killing people that the agent loves, the rest of his freaking fiance’s family. I’m not sure if he kills the father, but he definitely kills the sister. Why? Because this idiot kept on releasing him. Why let him go? I just don’t understand this concept of torturing him? Keep him locked up and torture him, but don’t let him go!

I’m not saying this is not a good movie; it is a good film overall. Granted, it is a very long, drawn-out movie; that’s for sure, but it’s entertaining pretty much the entire time. I just think that the agent’s logic was flawed, and a lot of other people would still be alive if he wasn’t doing what he was doing.

Furthermore, not for nothing, but the villain in this film seemed to recover very quickly from his injuries! I mean this guy got his leg sliced up; he got his wrist broken; he got his head bashed in, yet he’s still able to go around killing and torturing people? How the hell can you kill and torture people when you have your foot sliced up? How can you still move around and rape anyone when you have your wrist broken? This fool was hopping around killing people even after all that? Come on man, give me a freaking break! There were just some things about this film that just weren’t very realistic. These things pissed me off because seriously, who can have a broken arm and still be feared? He has only one freaking arm to torture you with, come on! Fight him!

In terms of action, and drama, I enjoyed the movie; it was good! The subtitles were large and clear, so I could read them and follow along the entire film easily. I even learned some nice new curse words in Korean after watching this film, curse word, always a plus. LOL. Overall it was enjoyable; I recommend watching it. Some of my wife’s coworkers recommended it to her, and she kind of pushed it on me! But it was totally worth watching though! I recommend checking it out.

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