Forest Hills Queens Festival

Yesterday for most of the day and night I felt pretty ill, my head was pounding and I slept most of the day and night. There was no way that I was going to make the Puerto Rican day parade after such a rough day. Those migraines leave you physically drained. As such, my wife and I decided to catch the film Jurassic World. After the film we were thinking of hitting 5 Burro Cafe for some Mexican food.


As we walked towards Austin Street we noticed that there was a festivalĀ happening. They had tons of food and drinks for sale. So we decided “screw the burros” we gonna eat some street food!

New York City is never at a shortage of things to do. You don’t even have to be looking for them, they will find you.

We walked around, had a delicious blackberry lemonade, and a giant freaking sausage sandwich. Deliciousness on the go! We saw a band playing, so we sat down for a little while and listened to some music, it was a good time.

I love this song! #nyctalking #foresthills

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All in all the fair was nice, and again, it goes to show you that there is never a shortage of things going on in NYC! I missed the parade, but some excitement still found me!

The best part of it all was that it was close to home, so once my headache started getting the better of me, we just came home.

So how was your weekend?