The Four Horsemen: Antonio Smith

A few weekends ago, nine-year-old Antonio Smith was shot and killed in Chicago. As of this writing, no suspects were in custody. This is a too familiar occurrence in what has been aptly dubbed Chiraq. It is a sad state of affairs that we conservatives all across the board have often brought up. Only to just as often encounter a deafening silence.

For some reason, Antonio Smith is not worthy of Al Sharpton’s venomous tongue. Eric Holder isn’t outraged as a fellow black man. Jesse Jackson’s church fund-raising efforts don’t stretch that far, and Antonio Smith is NOT Obama’s son.

Here are four influential black men. Four men who often stick their noses in local matters, if the price is right! Henceforth, I will refer to these guys as “The Four Horsemen”. Those of you, who are familiar with the Four Horsemen will understand my reference. Take a look at this snippet I found while refreshing my mind on exactly what the four horsemen will do:

“The first horseman likely refers to the Antichrist, who will be given authority and will conquer all who oppose him. The antichrist is the false imitator of the true Christ, who will also return on a white horse.”

Interesting, considering Michael Eric Dyson’s recent statement, “I’m not saying Obama is Jesus.” One of the major problems with these Four Horsemen of today is that they only get involved if the situation is somehow profitable to their cause. One of my black friends who grew up in the same neighborhood as I did put it this way (more or less):

“Since a black thug was the one who likely shot and killed Antonio Smith, the people of the community believe that IF the thug is caught, the criminal will receive an appropriate prison sentence. However, if it was a cop, or a white person, they’d fear that this won’t be the case. They fear that the person will get away with it.”

Oh, that makes perfect sense to me. Read my very first paragraph in this post; what did I say about the suspects? I said that there are no suspects in custody. It sounds to me like they got away with it. However, since the shooter was black, and the victim was black, then it’s ok. Is that what you are telling me? To add to that, you would then leave Antonio Smith’s justice in the hands of the very same people whom you would go after had they pulled the trigger.

You hate the police. You riot if they shoot a black man. However, if someone else pulls the trigger, then you are saying that you trust the same police to find the bad guy? No need to make any noise if the shooter is a minority. They got this, right?

Am I understanding this correctly? How does that read to you? How does it compute in your head? A young man is killed, and the logic behind the silence from the community is that the police, which you happen to hate, will handle it? Give me a freaking break. You are just racist!

Well, what is the logic behind the silence coming from the Four Horsemen? That one is even simpler, there is no publicity or news on this topic. Antonio Smith is just the cost of doing business in Chiraq. The people sure as hell didn’t care about his life, so why would the Four Horsemen care?

This enrages me. Not the fact that the community isn’t out there stealing sneakers and televisions. What enrages me is the fact that there is no outrage over a nine-year-old boy getting killed. You want to talk about innocent? How’s a nine-year-old sound to you? The fact that many innocent children are shot and killed regularly in this city enrages me. The undeniable fact that the government is not putting forth the maximum effort to crush these criminals, sickens me. All of this is extremely sickening.

I read a story that stated that the crime rate had dropped since more and more people are starting to carry legal, concealed firearms in the Chicago area. So one final message to our leaders, instead of going after legal gun owners, you should focus your energies on taking down the criminal element for good. Give the innocent people the opportunity to defend themselves, and watch how things start to change in this so-called Chiraq.

Antonio Smith, rest in peace, little man. God bless your soul. We will be your voice, and we will fight for your right to life which has been stolen from you by this trash.

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