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Free insurgents, promote peace?


Free insurgents, promote peace?

Let’s shake hands and promise no more fighting.

In Afghanistan the U.S. is running a secret program where they release high level prisoners from the Taliban if they promise they will no longer attack American troops.

The commanders over there negotiate for promises of peace in particularly difficult to control areas. Hugs and kisses are exchanged and they are free to go. But don’t worry they threaten them by saying that if they attack American troops again, they will be detained, again!

Really? A promise that they will not attack our guys anymore? REALLY? I wonder how well that’s worked out. They will not release information on whether or not the same guys attack our troops, but an anonymous official stated that “the benefits outweigh the risks.”

Yes, American life is definitely expendable and you should wager our soldier’s lives on your ridiculous theories! Check out the news article for more details.

I wonder if they will bring that genius idea to the mainland and start freeing criminals if they promise that they will not commit any more crimes. Make sure you check if their fingers are crossed!



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  • As long as they pinky swear we should be fine.

    I read this comment on another post regarding this stupid idea:

    * Well it beats the strict "Finger Shaking Initiative" and the "Strong Talking To" policies. But I think they should still have a "Naughty, Naughty" Addendum.

    Gotta love the Obama administration. These are the same geniuses that thought it would be a good idea to give Mexican drug cartels guns (See “Fast and Furious”).

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