Friends And Family Hold Vigil For Killed Teen Robbery Suspects

There are people out there who are appalled and surprised that anyone would mourn, or hold a vigil for these three slain home invaders. I think that is extremely insensitive, and unreasonable.

Let’s say your father is a petty thief, and during one of his robberies, he gets shot and killed by a homeowner. We know that what he was doing was wrong, that’s a given. We know it is a crime and that he put himself in the situation to get shot and killed, okay?

You as the son or daughter, you might even understand what the homeowner did. They had to protect their home, and you might understand that. So we have all that established.

Does that change the fact that he was your father? Does that change the fact that you loved him? Does any of that change the fact that even though he was a petty criminal, and it is wrong, that maybe he was doing it to feed you? Nothing about the fact that he was shot committing a crime changes any of that, nor does it change the fact that you loved him.

These kids were wrong, and they got what they had coming to them. However, for you sanctimonious jerks to act as though they shouldn’t have been loved, or that they don’t have family and friends who will feel the loss, that’s just wrong.

You act all holier than thou, as if you don’t have some family member who’s a damn criminal. As if someone you love, or even you have never done anything wrong? They were wrong, and I stated it the day it happened, they picked the wrong house. But, just because they are committing criminal acts, that doesn’t mean that their loved ones stop loving them, and for anyone to begrudge loved ones hurting, you are definitely on some serious bull bull!

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Angel Rodriguez

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