Fright Night – Part Two (Remake)

I grew up in the 80s, so naturally I’m a fan of 80’s movies, for sure dude! I remember this one film called “fright night,” it was a vampire movie where some kid realizes that he had a vampire for neighbor, and the Vampire takes an interest in the kid’s mother. Ultimate, vampire, cheesiness! Yes! There was the original 80’s version of this film, and they made a new version in 2011. I’m generally a fan of 80’s remakes, but meh; the 2011 version was aight, just aight. Know what I’m saying?

Tonight was movie night with the lady, we watched “Red 2” first, and when I saw that we had “fright night part two” (the remake) up in here I decided that I wanted to watch that next! You know, because I enjoyed the old version back in the days. Part 2 takes place in Romania, they never really do say why the kids starring in the film are there. It appears that they are there for some college courses or something, anyway, they are in Romania.

The young, love obsessed starring kid discovers that there is a vampire living in a building across the street. The Vampire also conveniently happens to be one of the professors from the school they attend, imagine that. The film’s predictable story progresses from there. Have you ever heard the term “embrace the suck”? This is one of those times when you embrace the suck. This movie was filmed recently, but in terms of quality and everything else it felt like I was watching a really bad 80’s film. Maybe this is what they were going for though? Maybe they wanted to create that authenticate 80’s feeling or something? I don’t know, but this movie sucked; I mean it really sucked. I don’t mean that in a cool 80’s way either, you know, like the original “fright night,” that sucked too, but it sucked so awesome? This one just straight up sucked. Feel me?

There were some parts of the film that were literally like homemade, inexperienced actor’s level of awkward. At one point, they were sitting in a cab and the scene of them sitting back there crying and whining about the vampire was just so long that it looked and felt very awkward. I was looking at this and asking myself “what the hell are they doing?” I expected a lot more from this movie, and the only reason I finished it is because I needed to know how this ended. In terms of sheer curiosity, it was like when you invest in a failing stock and hope it bounces back! I didn’t want to sell!

Man I’m not even going to waste much more time talking about this, but I have to do the world this service and let you all know about this. This movie sucked, the concept, the story, the acting; everything just sucked bad. There were a few erotic scenes that I found sexy, and the girls were pretty hot, but besides that one positive, this movie sucked, seriously sucked! Don’t waste your time starting this film because like me, you may end up wanting to finish it. I know it’s just natural, once you start a film, you generally want to know what happens.

About three times during the film I was going to shut it down; I felt that it is not even worth knowing the end or what happens. They kept doing these blinking light thing that gave me a damn headache and bothered my eyes. It was just terribly annoying! Many of the scenes for the film were dark so you couldn’t really make out what was around and stuff, and that too was annoying! This was just a waste of my time the movie sucks, yet, I kind of wanted to know the ending. Once I start a film it is hard for me to stop, even if it is really, really bad like this movie! Next on my list of movies I know will suck really bad, Sharknado. LOL.

Long story short, don’t waste your time, this movie sucks really bad. Let me tell you the only good parts of the film, the professor’s hot, the girlfriend’s hot, and that’s it! That is all that I can say that is positive about this movie.

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Fright Night – Part Two (Remake) – Sucked so bad.