Fuck you of the week, Chicken, Weed, McGregor!

The NYCTalking Podcast is back, we start today’s episode with several fuck you messages:

Fuck you to Richard Pan (D) in California. He wants fact checkers to approve news and online media before it’s posted. Free speech anyone?

Fuck you to Ethan Couch, drunk driver, aka affluenza kid.

Fuck you to Brock Turner, a rapist.

We talk about the shit ton of paper work I did today on my day off, including my fitness certs, gun license, taxes, and general cleaning up.

Rant on homeless shelters and weed rules in NYC.

We talk chicken and how in the world they can keep up with this level of demand!

We talk about the Deblasio aide (Office of Criminal Justice) who got caught up on some gun charges.

Connor Mcgregor… Connor… Connor… Connor… You are a dad bro! Stop!

Chat on the date rape drug video circulating and the punishment the perpetrators should receive.

Finally we cover people who take issue with folks who defend their homes with guns. One claimed an “unfair advantage.” LOL.

Click below to listen, or download the latest episode here!

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