GEC Fermented BCAA

So I purchased this product on a friend’s recommendation. The guy is an upstanding citizen and I trust him. So I believe that this contains what it says it does, and from a taste perspective, I think it tastes really good. I enjoy the flavor and I feel strong. My one issue with the product is that it is really time consuming and difficult to get it to mix with the recommended amount of water.

One of my homies says he has no issues with it because he dumps it all into a gallon of water and it dissolves. But I tried using the recommended water amount, and usually have it with my lunch. The mixing is so time consuming and annoying that it may be enough to discourage me from ordering this one again. The scivation and isopure BCAA mixed much easier.

Hey, I’ll state again, I trust the man who recommended it. So if you want to give it a go, I don’t doubt that it’s the real deal. If you can get past that mixing situation, I think the product is solid. And like I said, it tastes really good.

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Angel Rodriguez

Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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