George Zimmerman Selling Gun That Killed Trayvon Martin

As if this guy could be more of a jerk off than he already is, he has once again outdone himself. Zimmerman is selling the gun that he used to kill Trayvon Martin, and he dubs it “an American firearm icon.” Icon? You cocky piece of crap.

I can go on to list the 1,001 reasons this is wrong, I can go on to repeat the story and all of the old tired points of discussion revolving around the Trayvon Martin shooting, but none of that will make a difference at this point.

George Zimmerman is the equivalent of O.J Simpson, except, he has zero talent, and the only reason we know about him is because he killed this young man. However, he’s the equivalent in the sense that he’s a dumb fool. He literally got away with murder, whether or not you side with him is irrelevant, he got away with it. Instead of living a low key life, this buffoon has continually had run ins with the law, he provokes people on twitter by retweeting pics of a dead Trayvon Martin and making all sorts of threats. He sells his garbage paintings, and now, as if all that wasn’t already enough, this turd wad is selling his gun, calls it a firearm icon, and claims that as a free American he can do whatever he wants with his possessions.

I have a question for you guys, how much longer do you guys think that George Zimmerman will continue all of this nonsense before, just like O.J, his luck runs out? We all know where that dumb fool ended up, and I see Zimmerman there, or worst if he doesn’t knock this crap off and go away for good.

**UPDATE: Apparently, gunbroken pulled Zimmerman’s for sale ad. They don’t want none of that karma or noise. Good on them.**

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