Getaway Driver Being Charged with 3 Murders in Teen Shooting


Getaway Driver Being Charged with 3 Murders in Teen Shooting

The getaway driver, and alleged mastermind in the home robbery which ended up with three teenagers dead is being charged with their murders.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. Granted, I am not at all familiar with the state laws, nor how it works when someone is charged with planning a crime, etc. However, I do believe in personal responsibility.

These were three individuals who all made the decision, whether invited or not, to join Rodriguez on this criminal activity. The outcome is unfortunate as anytime life is loss is saddening, but is it solely her fault?

Again, I’m sure that there must be a set precedent if she is being charged for murder, but is that fair? She didn’t commit the actual shooting, and she is as involved in the home robbery as they were, but to pin the deaths on her? That just seems excessive to me.

I am no lawyer, but it just doesn’t sit well with me. Please feel free to shed any light on this, I just found it a bit concerning.

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