Girlfriend shoots abusive boyfriend

This is another story that features some good old shoot em up justice! Gentleman, please, stop beating women! As long asĀ  you jerks insist on abusing people that are smaller, weaker, or incapable of defending themselves, then I will continue to take great pleasure in reading about you getting shot and killed. See, I don’t want people to die, I don’t like people getting hurt. However, I’d rather read that the bad guy was the one that was killed than read about a good person being beaten to death. All you pro-life people, would you rather read that he beat the woman to death, or that she shot and killed the dirt bag in order to protect her own life? I know what my answer is! My answer is “Girlfriend shoots abusive boyfriend.” That will win everytime!

The Breaitbart story follows….

Orangeburg, South Carolina Sheriff Leroy Ravenell cited self defense for a woman who shot her enraged boyfriend after he beat her and dragged her through the yard and across the floor on February 2nd.

According to the Post and Courier, 24-year-old Jeremy Scott Williamson “became enraged after looking in his girlfriends’s purse and finding papers where he was listed as a suspect for a crime in another jurisdiction.” After he argued with her about the papers and refused to let her call her mother to come get her, the woman ran out in the yard where Williamson chased her down and attacked.

He dragged her back inside, “hit her on the back of the head and threw her to the floor.”

After hearing the disturbance Williamson’s grandfather entered the room and asked his grandson to stop. When Williamson paused to look at his grandfather, the girlfriend was able to grab a handgun and “[shoot] him in the abdomen.”

Williamson died from the gunshot.

In August last year Piers Morgan said he did not want every woman armed. I wonder if he’s at least happy that this woman was.

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