Going behind enemy lines

There are just some things that don’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t understand why individuals insist on going to Syria, Iraq, or anywhere else in the Middle East that is near, or under the control of our enemies. These are not safe places to visit, not by anyone, especially Americans.

That being said, when I read about Americans being taken hostage in Syria and the surrounding regions, I am dumbfounded. Why the heck would you go there? In America, there are plenty of humanitarian missions that you can undertake. Please, do not misunderstand my sentiment here, I totally feel for these people. I hate that Americans have fallen at the hands of these extremists. Believe me, I don’t mean to sound insensitive.

It just baffles me, I have said time and time again, please use your freaking heads! Don’t go to these dangerous regions unless you are fully prepared to die at the hands of extremists. Even if you are there to help them, you are an American! As far as the enemy is concerned, you are just a great hostage. They will pay you no quarter under any circumstances.

My fellow Americans, if you are so inclined to undertake humanitarian missions, then take a trip to California and help the victims of the recent Earthquake. Come down to the East Coast and help out the folks that are still suffering from Hurricane Sandy. Take yourself a trip to Detroit, or Chicago and aid the many victims of gun violence. However, please, please, stay the hell away from the Middle East! You compromise not only your safety, but the safety of our nation. This is especially true with the Traitor in Chief who would probably release more terrorists to get your caught butts back!

Please, use your head.



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