Google plus shortcoming.

Look, I’m a fan of google. I use them for everything ranging from searches to news readers. Google is a king in the internet space. They really are. This is part of the reason I find it absolutely puzzling that my Google username is still:

Google, my friends, you know that simplicity is one of the key factors in user adoption. That’s evident and extremely clear as can be seen by your search engine home page. So, that being said, how can you possibly not have rolled out “vanity profile urls” to your user base yet? All the other social networks already have, including your own Youtube, so why not you guys? Even Facebook pages allow it now by default!

Allow me to give you a perfect example of where this shortcoming has hurt your social networking efforts. Business cards. I recently setup some new business cards. As I edited and setup the format I really wanted to include google plus on the card, but that name, that long, ugly name simply did not work aesthetically on my card. I mean look at it. Who wants that on a card? What user would bother to add something like that on a browser? Just typing it and checking for errors would be enough to discourage most standard users.

So please, please tell me why only a select few businesses are the only ones getting vanity urls? It can’t be that difficult to implement, and obviously you must recognize that doing so would be most helpful to your cause. I simply don’t understand this. I am a loyal Google user, and I would like to see this project “Google Plus” succeed. Please help me help you!

Give us the damn vanity names already.

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