How I got blocked by top chef Richard Blais

A little over a year ago, I was on a cooking television show as a guest judge. My story was sort of the main premise behind one episode of the show. The show was called “Cook Your Ass Off,” and the host was Top Chef Richard Blais.  During the show, we all interacted, and he told me we could keep in touch on twitter and whatnot. He was pretty cool, as were the other judges and chefs. Since then, I have gone on to be on a few other TV shows, but this was my first. The first time I was ever on “the big screen.” I lost my TV virginity on there!

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Well, I had recorded the TV show, but my DVR recently crashed and burned. So I have been reaching out to the folks that were part of the show, in hopes that someone has a copy of it. Richard Blais was one of the people I reached out to on Twitter. I didn’t spam the guy, or blast him with tweets or messages. If you know me, you know that it is not my style. I chase no celebrities, and I worship no man. I just wanted to know if by chance, he had and could share the episode. Even so, I guess that simply asking him if he had the episode must had annoyed him, because he blocked me on twitter.

I have no problem with this fine gentleman, he can block me on twitter if he likes, that is totally his right! Yet, as a follower of his, I don’t think that this was very cool of him. He could have simply said “No, Angel, I don’t have it,” or just ignored my question. Blocking me seems a bit excessive, especially as I seldom wrote, or contacted him. I have to admit, I’m a bit hurt, and slightly offended by this.

I considered not writing about this, because I thought it could hurt my chances of getting on future shows, and other TV opportunities. However, the guy already knows my name, and he knows who I am. If I were going to be on a show, and it was up to him whether I was chosen, considering that he blocked me on twitter, I’d say my chances of getting on that show are pretty slim. So, why not express my disappointment in being blocked by him?

Anyway, that’s all the time I’ll devote to this topic. I just wanted to announce, Ladies and gentlemen, I have managed to get blocked by a celebrity chef! My disappointment in him aside, I’m pretty impressed with myself!

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