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Guest Host Will Collazo, Gentrification, Transexual Porn, Are Women Equal To Men?

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Guest Host Will Collazo, Gentrification, Transexual Porn, Are Women Equal To Men?

The AngelRTalk Show is back with a 90 minute special, featuring special guest, Director and MMA fighter Will Collazo, aka Will of the dead, and we totally don’t get to any of our scheduled topics. That’s great though because we give you 90 minutes of raw, unedited, unscripted, and real talk!

On today’s episode we talk about my viral article on Brooklyn Hipsters Vs. Brooklyn Puerto Ricans, aka gentrification. This take us down the path of Oscar Lopez, being a “White” Puerto Rican, and how that works out when growing up in the hood, and much more regarding our Latino identity.

After some random banter, we shift into transexual porn, and talk about some transexual issues, and how being called gay in the hood was a way of emasculating you. Shifting gears, we talk about the man who is being charged for beating a would be rapist to death in NYC. Yeah, we then shifted in pedophiles, and whether or not we should allow non offending pedophiles to get help as opposed to hiding their nature?

Now, for the grand finale, we talk about a man who believes that women are not equal to men. He made a statement saying “We put women in leadership roles, but they are not meant to be leaders!” Oh, you need to get a load of this guy! He has received an open invitation to the show!

I’d like to thank Will Collazo for joining me and contributing to a great show! Stay tuned for more great things from us individually, and as a duo!



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