Guantanamera Review

Sometime ago the lady and I were craving Spanish food. We have a few local spots that we can order from, but somehow we came across Guantanamera.

First of all, I should note that I can never say their name without singing it, you know the song, we all know the song.

So we decided to give this spot a try. Honestly, this was months ago and I can’t even remember what the hell I ate. However, I do remember how it made me feel. It made me feel real good y’all. The food from here was delicious. Really good Spanish food. I probably have some pictures out there somewhere, but honestly, it’s not worth the hassle of looking for them. Y’all don’t care. You just care to know if the food is good or if it’s garbage.

So long story short, I like their food and I look forward to ordering from them again when I’m not on such a strict eating regimen. Totally worth a try!

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