The Guardian Angels Are Back

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The Guardian Angels Are Back

I watched this news story with my buddy, former NYPD Lt, Dr Darrin Porcher, and Guardian Angels Head Honcho, Curtis Sliwa. They were on PIX11 talking about the increase in crime in NYC, particularly those damn subway slashings.

I have been a New Yorker my entire life, well, since I came here at 5 years old from the “caserios” in Puerto Rico. From one poor neighborhood, to another! That is to say, that I have seen our city go through the best and worst of times.

Sliwa in his usual manner states that the Mayor and Police Commissioner are not doing the right things by the citizens, so The Guardian Angels will! I happen to agree with him.

As I mentioned, I have been around this city for a long time, and it seems to me as though things are heading back in a bad direction. It has been that way for sometime now. Just earlier I read another post about someone getting poked with a needle!

Would I put all the blame on the Mayor or Commissioner, probably not. But the fact of the matter is that this is happening and it cannot be denied. We are living in troubled times, and if the NYPD is unable to protect all of our citizens, for whatever reasons, then I applaud the Guardian Angels for stepping up.

Porcher provided some good advice about where to be when riding the trains, ride near the operator, or the conductor so they can call for help if necessary. Though understand one thing, they are not obligated to do anything. Remember the cops who hid while a guy was getting stabbed on the train?

The only thing I would add, is that you stay away from the last car. During “long express stops,” make sure you choose a car with plenty of people in it. Criminals generally hit the last car, first car, or empty cars. I spoke about that on NY1, see the video below.

It is extremely tempting to join up with the Guardian Angels, and take up the cause. I believe that their very noticeable outfits will definitely deter crime in the subways. However, being unarmed, in a city like NYC, is definitely a risk. Just recently 2 more cops where shot, and they have weapons! However, I totally respect these brave men and women, and I will try and support them from the sidelines.

What are your thoughts on this?



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