Gulliver’s Gate

Have you heard of Gulliver’s Gate yet? It’s a new exhibit that has come to Times Square, and it’s pretty damn awesome!

Basically the place is a museum of sorts that takes you throughout the world, in a miniature format. Entire countries are represented in different areas of the exhibit. One cool fact to note is that the exhibits were actually made in their country of origin, then sent here to be finalized and displayed.

You’ll find that certain parts of Asia are very big on lights and the sort, that comes across clearly in their work as illustrated above.

I was told that inside the car, there was a clown representing, well, you can figure it out. Apparently though, that offended some individual’s sensitivities, so it was removed. Still, I think it was hilarious and clever. However, as a location that is meant to have widespread appeal, they probably want to remain neutral on politics.

I thought this one was hilarious because the police were harassing a white lady in a red drop top convertible. Really? Is that an accurate representation of NYC? Just saying.

The place is pretty huge, for a spot that contains tiny cities and figurines. It’s really cool, and it cost us about $25 to go in. The cost at the door was the same, and buying it online, at some “discount” site actually cost us more.

Here you can see Spider Man perched on top, and there are many other little gems like this hidden throughout the exhibit. The place is amazing, and feels overwhelming. I think you can spend hours and hours there and never see and find everything.

There are some well dressed individuals there, and they are very well versed and can make the experience even more pleasant. Don’t be afraid to talk to them. There is a control room that is tasked with watching the mini trains, cars, and all the actual moving parts of the exhibit.

If you have the money, you can get a 3d printout of yourself, and have a mini character made that you can place anywhere in the exhibit. The large one cost about $150 or so, I forget, but the mini one is about $40. I would have bought one, but they don’t let you keep it, it’s for the exhibit. So you are paying them, to make the mini, and put it in the city, to me, that’s pointless. I’ll keep it, but I don’t care to be in the exhibit, not unless you gonna put a link to my blog. LOL.

All in all, I think this is worth visiting, and you should definitely check it out.

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