Gun Owner Supports Gun Control

It is my firm belief that all of us knew the tragedy in Orlando would once again spark the dreaded gun debate. This is a topic where we as Americans are split right down the middle, and because of this, nothing changes.

I am a gun owner. My stash is not massive, but I believe it is more than sufficient to protect my home for a few days when the zombie apocalypse arrives.

The point in sharing that is to illustrate that I am a gun owner. I’m not some anti-gun advocate who is “trying to take away your guns.” However, I have to agree with many of the anti-gun folks, why does any of us require a semi automatic AR15? Seriously, why do we need that? Do you really believe that your AR will be able to fight a drone, or a tank? Come on now, if the government is going to try to kill us via the tyranny you claim to fear, the AR15 is not going to save you.

Even so, I am a man of reason, and I do not want your guns taken away. I propose a different viewpoint that would hopefully alleviate the situation. The government should not take away any of your weapons. However, the production and selling of any new, near military-grade weapons, such as the AR15 should immediately cease. This way, no more of them make their way into the streets. You see; we would not be taking away your existing guns. We would simply not be making any more of those guns for civilian use. That’s the first step that I would propose. It is a middle ground where the gun owners get to keep their existing weapons, but at the same time no new ones make their way to the market.

Next, rather than attack legal gun owners, the government should begin heavily cracking down on all illegal gun owners. We can further improve society by releasing non-violent criminals, and freeing up that space for anyone who is caught with an unlicensed gun. Hefty prison sentences should discourage most people from acquiring guns on the black market. Prison population is a problem, and I have simultaneously provided a solution to that dilemma by releasing more non-violent offenders.

There is no guarantee that this approach will work, but if you stop producing these weapons, then people can’t buy them. In regard to the existing ones, perhaps we’ll grandfather them in, but they cannot be sold to anyone but the government, and upon passing away, it comes to Uncle Sam, while they reimburse the person who would have inherited the firearm.

I think this is a fair approach at gun control, while respecting gun owner rights. We can’t just leave things as they are, but I understand and respect the second amendment. I know that both sides will take issue with my approach, but if either of you wants to get anywhere, you will, and must compromise.

By the way, I am not a gun expert, so you can try and catch me on any technicalities here, but at the end of the day, the points will stand. Semi automatic, full automatic, special triggers, who gives a crap? The point is still the same!

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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  1. TangoOscarNovemberTankee

    06-15-2016 at 10:25 am

    So I will say that some of your points are good ones, however there are some holes in there as well. Like your link to the AR-15 everyone sees an AR-15 as a scary assault, military style rifle. You can do the same damage with a Ruger 10/22 that is basically a squirrel gun so in essence taking away AR-15’s or whatever you want to call them does nothing! Limiting magazine capacity…does nothing! When there was a ban on assault rifles crime actually went up, not down. Evil will find a way. What we DO need to do is take action to ensure that guns are not getting into the hands of the wrong people and ensure ALL people that are willing and able to have the right to defend themselves at ALL times. Look at the crime rates, murder rates and where these shootings are occurring (GUN FREE ZONES). These people know they will be unchallenged because good people like you and me follow the law.
    I too am a 2nd Amendment supporter, Lifetime NRA member and I believe that we can do better to ensure that guns do not get in the hands of the bad guys, but until that day I want to be able to match firepower should the need arise to protect my life and the life of my family.

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