Gun owner had an unfair advantage against home invaders

You read that correctly, the grandfather of a home invader said that the occupant of the residence who happens to be a gun owner had an unfair advantage against home invaders.

So 3 men entered the home, they had brass knuckles and at least one knife among them. They were dressed in all black and clearly up to some bad business. I mean, breaking into someone’s house is probably not good anywhere, am I right? So when they broke in through a glass back door, it woke the home owner up and he grab his AR 15 rifle. When he saw the men enter the hallway he opened fire.

Police investigators concluded that his actions were in self defense. However, one of the home invaders grandfather says the laws need to change. “He shot all 3 of them, he didn’t have to do that.” Well sir, how do you know what he did or didn’t have to do? Yes, these guys were young and stupid, but are we supposed to wait and see if they start to stab us to death to decide that our lives are in danger?

Here’s the bottom line people, if you don’t want to risk getting shot, DON’T BREAK INTO SOMEONE’S FUCKING HOME.

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Angel Rodriguez

Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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