Ever heard of "Maid Cafe"?

So apparently a little more of Japan is making it’s way to the Big Apple. I am a big fan of all things Japan. I love the music, I love the culture, I love the food, I love the country, I love the martial arts, I love the history, I love cosplay and I LOVE ANIME! So yes, I definitely intend to visit this place and I will be doing a write up for you guys.

Has any of you been to this place, or any of these types of places at all? I’ll be sure to update you with my findings once I try it, but for now please share your experiences in the comments section!

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@FoodParadise have you ever been here: http://t.co/goY2fEaUX7 I might check it out tonight and do a writeup. Cc: @MaidCafeNY #japanese


Ever heard of “Maid Cafe”? http://t.co/F58fVKVjJR


[…] you recall I expressed an interest in checking out this placeĀ last year. I was curious about everything that I read in terms of what it was like. An anime […]