Expert drops bombshell: Hello Kitty is not a cat

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be mind blown. Today, along with many different Internet news readers, I have become aware of an astounding piece of information. The famous, beloved, world renowned cat, Hello Kitty, IS NOT A FREAKING CAT! Are you getting this, ladies and gentlemen?


Completely and totally mind blown! Accordingly to several credible news reports, Hello Kitty is actually a third-grade girl. To further scramble your already torn up brain, she also has a twin sister. She’s British, a Scorpio, and loves apple pie. Who possibly knew any of this stuff?

hello kitty

These are not rumors. These are facts! This is coming from a Hello Kitty expert, Dr. Yano something or other, AND the company that owns the Hello Kitty brand, Sanrio! However, for years, we have been led to believe that she is a cat. Take a look at this!


And further take a look at this product, all indication in some way, shape or form, that Hello Kitty, is, in fact, a cat! Doesn’t she also have a tail? This is insanity! Blasphemy!


Now how is that for some totally trippy, useless, yet life-changing information. How will this new revelation affect your life? What happens after you learn that Hello Kitty, is, in fact, NOT A CAT! MEOW!

In other news, Hello Kitty is also not a bunny!


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