Help a homeless child get an education!

I could type up this elaborate post on this topic, but my man Papo Swiggity Santiago already did such a great job of explaining it on facebook that I am copying his post verbatim! Check this out guys, the bottom line is that if you can attend this event, proceeds go to help a kid get the things he/she needs for school. These are kids that live rough lives and people like you and me can make a difference in one aspect of those lives. Even if you cannot attend the event, but you can spare some cash to help out, that would be awesome.  You, me, we can all make a difference in a kid’s life.  I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking “That’s what’s up”….

For the cost of one breakfast or lunch, you can help a homeless child get through an entire school year with the school supplies that he or she will need to compete successfully with everyone else. These kids are starting off the year with
so much working against them already. No permanent housing. Not knowing where they will be sent next. No semblance of stability or security. All the things, that we, take for granted. We’re not asking you to save the World. We’re just asking you to make a the difference in one kid’s life. A kid from your community. OUR community. And on top of making you feel better, you will also get to enjoy one helluva show!!! Show your face & warm some hearts!!!

Mark Anthony Vigo (featured poet)
Also featuring: Ralphy Tatuxmen Perez, Division X Luis Henrique Canyada, & Illfamed Mala Fama!

You can RSVP here on Facebook!

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