The Hidden Report Radio Show – Politically Correct Zone

I take you guys into the politically correct zone. A place where the Twilight Zone pales by comparison. I talk to you guys about all the nasty forms that Political Correctness has made its way across the country, and could in fact KILL US! No I’m not a fear monger, I just keep it real with you, ladies and gentlemen.

Case in point, political correctness stopped the authorities from taking action against Major Hassan. Their lack of inaction directly lead to the shooting at Fort Hood. Had they not been so concerned with hurting his feelings, or offending any Muslims, then maybe the attack could have been prevented.

Another case in point, Ebola. Why are all the flights to and from West Africa not cancelled? Political correctness, a laxed attitude, and a false belief that they can control this disease. I talk about all that and more on this week’s episode of The Hidden Report Radio Show!

Check it out!