Hillary Clinton Questioned And Won’t Answer


The only reason this young lady didn’t get face stomped is because they know they are being recorded, and they know we are watching. At this point, Hillary still needs the black vote. So even though she didn’t cooperate, she didn’t launch her out the door on her ass the way that Trump does, so to these Hillary loyalists, they’ll play it down.

Know this people, Hillary Clinton is not a friend of the minority community. She will use us, lie to us, and then discard us like yesterday’s newspaper. She doesn’t give a damn about you! I’m so tired of repeating this to you silly Hillary supporters. If she wins, I won’t say that I told you so, but don’t come to us for help when crap hits the fan and you find yourself up the creek without a paddle!

Note the date on a post as it may be an old point of view. If you learn that your views are wrong, yet they remain the same, then you are a fool.

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  • Me

    Grabbed your penis. You did the right thing. Could have ended you. Jail. Record. You could have killed the old guy. Had it happen to me when I was 17-18. Old white guy. His wife was in the next room. I’m Black
    and from the hood. Lucky for me my mom taught me how to act. I just removed his hand and left. I could still be in prison.

    • Crazy stuff huh? Well, good thing we both did “right” thing, and not real right thing. Lol.