Historic Church vandalized.

No matter what it is, someone will always disagree with it. Church is no exception. We all have history, right? At the other side of every advancement, someone suffers.

Vandals attacked the Holy Cross church in Santa Cruz. They broke windows, spray painted a church bell among other items, and they damaged several historic articles including some that are over 200 years old.

Its not the first, and probably not the last attack on the church, yet this particular attack is being investigated as a hate crime. In addition to anti-church slogans the vandals wrote “This is Ohlone land”.

Ohlone Indians were natives of the land, the church and following culture collision pretty much wiped out the group. It would seem the remaining members and or supporters still have a grudge with the church.

History is amazing. There is nothing like looking at an item and knowing that it was here hundreds of years before any of us, and it will be here long after we are gone. Although if those items represented the destruction of your people, it is understandable that such items would represent something else to the victims.

Regardless of the history, we live in the today, in a civilized society with laws that govern the land and those that inhabit it. Whomever is causing this destruction should find a more constructive way to air their grievances. Going to prison for a hate crime against the Catholic church in a country that was founded on Christian principles will not further your cause.

How do you feel about vandals destroying 200 year old historic items? As potential descendants of the Ohlone Indians are they justified in these attacks?

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