Homeless in the cold

When I go from my apartment to the bodega, or the train, I have to endure the cold weather for a few moments. I hustle in and out of wherever I need to be, and quickly get back into the warmth of my apartment, train, etc.

I can’t help but thinking about the people that are out in the streets during this time of year. I have covered my views on the homeless before. I’ve spoken about how difficult it must be, but imagine how much harder it would be during freezing weather, rain, or snow?

I see these guys out there, and I wish that I could help them all. I just don’t know how, or what I can do? Some of these folks are down on their luck, some are veterans incapable of supporting themselves, some are mentally ill, and others have addiction problems. There are a wide array of problems they face, and the freezing cold just adds to those problems.

What can we as a society do to help these people? Our country provides a lot of money in aid to other parts of the world that are suffering. I am not advocating against that, but I am saying that we need to focus some of that money here at home. A United States Veteran should never be on the street, especially those that have served combat tours for this nation which left them messed up in the head.

Let’s not get into the politics of this, let’s look at it from a human aspect. We are all human, and no one should be in this freezing weather.

I know some people don’t want to be helped. I recall seeing the story of a man who some folks raised money for, under the condition that he get treatment, he refused. The money was then provided to an organization that helps people like him, who want help. So I know we can’t help everyone, but I sure wish that more was being done. The question I ask is, what more can we as individuals actually do?

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