Homeless man, Smelly Laundry, Forced Construction.

How many times would you give a homeless man money before it’s time to cut them off? We are generous human beings, but there has to be a limit to how generous you are. I can’t indefinitely financially support another human being. Here are my thoughts on that, do you agree?

We all know that working out is a struggle, but not many of us talk about the post workout struggle! And I don’t mean the diet, I mean the smelly laundry, and how the funk gets worse and worse over time. Here is one of the tricks I’m trying out to address this matter.

Trying to get rid of that heavy #workout funk on my clothes! #fitness #training #health #diet #exercise #nyctalking

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Finally, my building is forcing us to put in new railings to raise the height on our terrace. Question, who do they think those extra 3 inches will prevent from jumping over, and who’s cousin owns the construction company doing this? Deblasio’s? Here goes my rant on this!

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