Homeowner arrested after fatally shooting intruder he found in his shower

Common sense is not so common. As a gun owner, one has to think reasonably about things like this. Recently, we covered the situation where a young man was at home, and shot 3 teens dead during a home invasion. He will not be charged with a crime, because in that case, self defense is plausible.

However, in this case, the homeowner found the intruder in his shower, exchanged words, left, picked up a firearm, came back, and opened fire. This seems a bit to calculated in how it was executed, and because of this, the man has been arrested and charged with second degree murder.

The question then becomes, will a jury convict him? One would think the owner probably said, “I’m going to get a gun, and if you are not gone by the time I return, there’s gonna be hell to pay.” He left, came back, and the intruder was still there. Once again, common sense is not so common. Maybe the dude was mentally ill? Maybe he told him to go to hell? Does the fact that he refused to vacate the man’s home justify this? Also, we have to consider the fact that we may not have all the details in this case as per this tweet below:

I’m a huge proponent of defending your home, but in this case the self defense route didn’r seem to work with the cops as he didn’t appear to be in any real danger. The dude was showering in his home, and no, that’s not very cool, but to simply open fire on the intruder while they are showering, that just seems a bit excessive. I can see this from many angles, and at the end of the day, the facts, and a jury will decide.

What do you folks think?

Full story can be found on ABC news.

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